CSTS is two weeks away!

It’s been a really long year, and this blog hasn’t been updated in far too long, as much of my energy has been consumed until now by my CSTS global duties and hectic personal life. But silence doesn’t mean surrender, and our behind the scenes work is nearly done!

This year’s North Texas CSTS event is just two weeks away, on Sunday September 27th at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson. Just a few days later, the North Texas Browncoats will be hosting the Alamo’s annual Serenity Quote-Along on the 30th – the actual 10th anniversary of the film’s release.

This year’s main event will include Serenity and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,* as well as all of our traditional games and activities. We’ll again be holding costume contests and Evil Laugh competitions for both kids and adults, so break out your brown coats and parasols, and brush up on your best bone chilling cackles!

We will not be having a separate Can’t Stop the Music event this year. They’ve never been terribly popular and they take quite a lot of planning to put together, and this year we simply haven’t had the time to get it organized. We will however have the award winning songwriter and enthusiast of all things shiny, Matthew Broyles performing live during the break between movies, in acoustic duo form with the stunningly talented Beth Brown. The Matthew Show has been an integral part of CSTM for many years, and some of you may remember Matt from his accompaniment of our record setting Hero of Canton sing along back in 2013 as well.

Tickets and merchandise will remain on sale through this website until Friday, September 25th, and will be available again at the door provided we don’t sell out. At this time we still have plenty of room, but there’s always a rush on ticket sales during the last two weeks, so if you haven’t bought your tickets, now is the time to make sure you get them before they’re gone! T-shirts and merchandise are also in limited supply, and patches are already nearly sold out!

We’re still working out some tweaks to the schedule and to a few of our traditional entertainments, we may have a few surprises up our sleeve on the day of the event. We’re also working out details on an exciting new fundraising idea! We’re partnering with Texas U Can Paint on a Firefly/Serenity themed charity painting class sometime in October. As with all of our CSTS events, proceeds will of course benefit Equality Now. Watch this space for details on the class to be posted as soon as they’re finalized.

Here’s this year’s schedule as it currently stands. Keep in mind that the schedule is fluid and subject to change, and some things may run a bit longer than foreseen. The movies may start a few minutes late, but they will not start early. Registration will remain available for late arrivals in the lobby until Serenity begins.

12:00:  Doors Open
1:00:  Welcome, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along-Blog*
2:00:  Games, costume contest, Evil Laugh competition
2:30:  The Matthew Show
3:00:  Serenity
5:00:  Prize winners announced
6:00:  Live auction

Any major changes to the schedule will be posted here ahead of time, otherwise please allow 15 minutes of wiggle room on the start of Serenity.

We’re almost there! Anyone with donations to bring, please drop us a line at northtexasbrowncoats@gmail.com. In the meantime, we have one item in particular we’d like to go ahead and show you. This beautiful Son of Asgard replica helmet signed by Chris Hemsworth can be purchased on Amazon for $599.99. However, this one is even rarer and more unique; in addition to Mr. Hemsworth’s signature, this helmet has also been signed by Stan Lee. Our incredibly generous donors have spent a pretty penny acquiring the helmet for our auction, and there will be a reserve on it. We may choose to list it on ebay, and if we do, we’ll do our best to arrange the auction to conclude during our live event. If it’s listed on ebay, you’ll be the first to know.

Thor Helmet Chris Hemsworth Thor Helmet Stan Lee

Further announcements will be posted regularly over the next several days, as all arrangements are finalized. See you all in a couple of weeks!

*Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” screened by permission from Time Science Blood Club, LLC. ©Time Science Blood Club, LLC. All rights reserved.


100% of proceeds from North Texas Can’t Stop the Serenity events go to Equality Now, supporting the fight for human rights for women and girls all over the world.


CSTS 2015 Tickets and merchandise are now on sale!

We’re working hard to get ready for our 10th anniversary extravaganza celebration! This year’s festivities will be a bit later than usual, in order to fall more in line with the film’s actual anniversary. Along with our regular day long event, we’ll be hosting a second Serenity “Quote-Along” on the film’s 10th birthday, and we’re looking into something special for our annual music event.

Tickets, t-shirts, and patches are now on sale, along with our first ever child tickets, and something entirely new for this special year!

This year’s main event will take place on September 27th, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson. The Quote Along event will follow hot on its heels on September 30th, the actual 10th anniversary of Serenity’s release. Our live music show date will be announced as soon as it’s nailed down.


Can’t Stop the Serenity
North Texas

Sunday, September 27th
Alamo Drafthouse
100 South Central Expressway #14
Richardson, TX 75080


Arriving at the event

We’re just days away from this year’s CSTS event, and we have a lot of new people this year, so here are a few answers to common questions:

  • There are no physical tickets, and there’s no need to print your receipt. There will be a check-in table in the lobby when you arrive. We’ll have your name on a list of ticket holders, and your wristbands and pre-ordered merchandise will be waiting for you.
  • Unlike traditional Alamo Drafthouse screenings, there’s no assigned seating for CSTS events. However, we want you to be able to claim your seats and then roam around if you wish, so along with your wristbands you’ll receive a little slip of paper to use as a seat saver. Once you’ve claimed your seats, it would be helpful to the Alamo staff if you’d go ahead and make contact with your server, but then you’re free to wander, leaving your seat saver to mark your spot – we’ll have a lot of shiny things to look at!
  • We are completely sold out, every single seat is filled, and so we’re asking everyone to get cozy. By its nature, our event is highly interactive, and there will be a lot of folks milling around both in the theater and in the lobby, especially during the first hour before the show starts. To streamline the seating process for everyone, we ask that you please do not leave empty seats between parties. If you’re alone and having a hard time finding a seat, we’ll do our best to help you out.
  • Late arrivals are fine, we’ll be in the lobby to check you in.

We’re almost there, see you all Sunday!


Final Update Before Takeoff!

Last chance for CSTS tickets, we are nearly sold out! We have less than 20 seats left available, and they will certainly be gone before next weekend. There will be no tickets available at the door – get yours while you still can!

Doors open at noon, and we’ll be kicking off the show at 1:00 with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Following Dr. Horrible, we’ll have our traditional games with a brand new addition – separate evil laugh and costume contests for kids 12 and under! We’ve seen some very impressive kids stealing the show over the years, and we’ve decided it’s time to let them have their very own games – we can’t wait to see what they’ll do this year!

If you should miss your chance to get tickets to the main show, you can still join us in the bar area afterwards for Whedonverse Trivia Bingo, starting at approximately 6:30. We’ll be alternating games between Buffyverse Trivia and Firefly trivia, so stop on by for a drink and a chance to win a prize for your encyclopedic knowledge of all things Joss!

There are a very limited number of t-shirts still available through the website. They will remain available until they’re gone, or until next Friday, whichever comes first.

See you all at the show!



Almost There!

We’re only two and a half weeks out from our CSTS 2014 shindig! The deadline to order a custom color t-shirt is July 31st at 11:59pm. After the deadline, shirts will still be available online and at the show, but only in select colors and very limited quantities. Don’t miss the opportunity for a one of a kind CSTS memento! All online sales, including tickets, will cease August 15th at 11:59pm. We do stand a chance of selling out the theater this year, so tickets may not be available at the door. We will update if we start to approach capacity, but if you want to be sure not to miss out, we advise reserving your tickets ASAP.

Once again, this year’s event is at:

Alamo Drafthouse
100 South Central Expressway, #14
Richardson, TX 75080


12:00 – Doors open
1:00 – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
2:00 – Games (Evil Laugh Competition, Costume contest), break
3:00 – Serenity
5:00 – Raffle winners/other prize winners announced
6:00 – Live auction


Can’t Stop the Music

This year’s live music benefit is Sunday, August 24th at

The Grotto (map)
517 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107
$5 cover at the door, all proceeds go to Equality Now

Lineup as follows:

6:00 Dr. Horrible
7:00 The Velvet Kittens Burlesque
8:30 The Matthew Show
9:30 Siberian Traps
10:30 Solo Sol
11:30 Prime of Life
12:30 Stefan Prigmore


See you all SOON!

Our 9th annual Can’t Stop the Serenity shindig is just two months away!

And we’re excited to be celebrating at DFW’s very first Alamo Drafthouse location in Richardson! Alamo Drafthouse cinemas are legendary for their zero tolerance phone policy, excellent beer selection, and extremely geek-friendly atmosphere. We had the wonderful opportunity to get to know them at our special bonus screening last November, and we’ve never seen a staff so excited about the show – almost as excited as we were ourselves!

Due to individual time constraints there was no one available to coordinate this year’s global sponsorship recruitment. This means that there will be no sponsor packs full of goodies provided to participating cities, so we’ll be relying on your donations more than ever. If you have a lovely piece of swag you’d like to donate for raffle, please let us know at northtexasbrowncoats@gmail.com. Cash donations ahead of the event are also very welcome, they help us put on a better show for everyone to enjoy, and all donors (cash or swag) will be proudly listed on our sponsor page.

Tickets and t-shirts are already on sale for this year’s shindig. T-shirts on site will be extremely limited, so be sure and order your custom shirt ahead of time for a one of a kind memento!

This year’s event will once again feature screenings of Serenity and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog, as well as a costume contest, evil laugh competition, raffles and auctions. For those who’ve never been before, it’s like a Whedonverse mini-con, so dust off your parasol, Horrible goggles, or vampire fangs for the contest and brush up on your Whedonverse trivia! All proceeds benefit Equality Now – fighting for the human rights of women and girls around the world.

This year’s event will take place Sunday, August 17th, (doors open around noon) at

Alamo Drafthouse
100 South Central Expressway, #14
Richardson, TX 75080

Full screening schedule and Can’t Stop the Music (August 24th) lineup TBA shortly.

See you soon!!

CSTS 2014 Date and Time are Set!

Mark your calendars, this year’s North Texas CSTS screening shindig will be Sunday, August 17th at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson! We had a fabulous time at our special bonus Serenity screening at the Drafthouse in November, raising just over $2000 for Equality Now. Combined with the proceeds from our official events, that makes for a grand total of $9,056.69 raised for women’s rights by DFW Browncoats in 2013 –  because you guys are that awesome!

In other news, our dedicated global team is still hard at work supporting each registered event, but due to individual time constraints there is no one available to coordinate this year’s global sponsorship recruitment. This means that there will be no sponsor packs full of goodies provided to participating cities, so we’ll be relying on your donations more than ever. If you have a lovely piece of swag you’d like to donate for raffle, please let us know at northtexasbrowncoats@gmail.com. Cash donations ahead of the event are also very welcome, they help us put on a better show for everyone to enjoy, and all donors (cash or swag) will be proudly listed on our sponsor page.

CSTS 2014 tickets will be available SOON!

In the meantime, check out who’s coming to our very own Dallas Comic Con this May!

Special Bonus Screening of Serenity for Equality Now, November 21st at 7:00!

Since we’re outside the official CSTS season, this mini event is an independent fundraiser brought to you by the Alamo Drafthouse team and the North Texas Browncoats. All proceeds will still benefit Equality Now, and it’ll work like a scaled down CSTS event. There will be contests and prizes before the movie, and a small raffle afterwards. We’d love to have a costume contest but we really can’t if no one participates, so dust off your favorite brown coat or mechanic overalls and help make it happen! This is a great opportunity to get familiar with our new and incredibly welcoming venue for our 2014 event. The Alamo team reached out to us on this one and they’re really excited about becoming our new CSTS headquarters, so please come on out and show your support for them, as well as mustering once again for one of the most urgent causes of our time!!

Thursday, Nov. 21st
Alamo Drafthouse

100 South Central Expressway, #14 Richardson, TX 75080
Tickets on sale now!

6:00 – Doors to the lobby setup “open”
6:30 – Pre-show in theater begins/ theater seating begins
7:00 – Contests begin
7:45 (ish) – Serenity starts
9:45 (ish) – Movie ends/raffle
10:20 – Event ends, but feel free to stay for a drink in the lobby!

Announcement: Big Damn Shindig for Equality Now, November 21st!

Alamo shindigWe are so thrilled to be able to make this announcement! Last week we were contacted by a wonderful geek girl at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson, asking about hosting our CSTS event. I told her that while we’d already had our big event in August, there was nothing stopping us from holding a second screening outside the official CSTS season, and the Big Damn Shindig was born! It’s going to work like a mini CSTS event. We’ll have a costume contest and a trivia contest, followed by a screening of Serenity and a small raffle. Here’s a rundown of the schedule:

  6:00 – Doors open for guests – raffle items in the lobby!
  6:30 – Preshow in theater begins/ theater seating begins
  7:00 – Trivia contest/costume contest begin
  7:45 – Serenity
  9:45 (ish) – movie ends/ raffle drawings
10:20 – event ends


The movie start time is approximate, depending on how long the contests take. I know it’s a Thursday and traffic will be a factor, but do try to arrive early to mingle, check out the swag, and find your seat! And remember, the Alamo Drafthouse has a famous (and awesome!) no phoning policy during the movie, they’re big believers in the Special Hell. 😉

As always, donations are welcome to help make this event a success. We have a few items left over from August to put into the raffle, and the AD is generously throwing in some swag of their own, but we can always find a use for geeky stuff. Cash donations can be made here on the blog, or if you have an item to donate at the event, please try to bring it before 6:00. Tickets will be on sale soon at the Alamo’s website, I’ll post a link as soon as they’re up.

So mark your calendars and tell all your friends! We’re beyond excited to be hosting our first ever off-season charity event for Equality Now. I think this is the start of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship between the NTBs and the Alamo Drafthouse, and we’re extremely grateful for their enthusiasm and support!


Here it is folks – proof of the claim!

No claim holds water without substantiation, especially one to a world record – so here it is at last! Here are 143 proud Browncoats, counting off and claiming the world title for “most participants in a Hero of Canton Sing-along” at North Texas’ 2013 Can’t Stop the Serenity shindig! Thanks again to everyone who came and sang, and especially to our fearless leader, local musician and supporter Matthew Broyles, who adapted with speedy aplomb when it turned out his lyrics were missing a verse.  😉