One More Week!


Our CSTS extravaganza is just a week away! We’ve already sold out the first theater, and it’s looking like this event is going to be spectacular. A few quick notes before we see each other next weekend:

  • Tickets and merchandise will be available online until 12:00 midnight next Friday, September 28th. After that, they’ll be available first come/first served at the door.
  • If you have a large group, and would like to have seats reserved for you, please email Annie at
  • If you’re planning to bring items for donation on the day of the event, please arrive as early as possible so that we can catalogue them and decide where to put them.
  • Remember: There will be no costume contest this year due to the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. Theater staff have asked that we refrain from costumes of any kind, at least for this year.


Announcing: Can’t Stop the Music 2012

And now, we’re happy to inform you of our 5th annual Can’t Stop the Music showcase! Performer lineup is still in negotiation, but we’re thrilled to be able to announce a “Special Hell” encore presentation of Serenity at this event. Since it falls too far outside the official Can’t Stop the Serenity seasonal window, this will NOT be an official CSTS event, and funds raised from it will not appear in the official CSTS global tally. We have however secured the licensing to screen Serenity on our own, and Global is aware of and supports the event. Not being an official CSTS event also gives us license to donate a higher percentage of funds to a charity of our choice. For this special event, we’ve elected to donate 50% of funds raised to Equality Now, and 50% to the memorial fund of the recently passed Kevin Pratt, a dedicated Browncoat and Whovian whose young widow will be struggling with medical bills for years to come.

Kevin “Wash” Pratt was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer at 25 years old, just months after wedding his (then) 23 year old wife, Tashi. He fought bravely for almost three years against a form of cancer that usually kills in half that time, at best. He passed away just before midnight on September 11th, leaving his beloved Tashi bereft, with a broken foot, and buried under a mountain of bills. Read their story here.

Can’t Stop the Music benefit showcase
Sunday October 21st
The Grotto
517 University Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Lineup and movie screening time TBA.

See you all next week!


My apologies everyone!! I added a sponsor page to the website last night, and somehow that killed the store earlier than promised. NO IDEA… 😕

Anyway, it’s fixed now and I’m still working on the shirt order – you have another hour or so for custom shirts!! Run!! 😉

Time is running out!!


Only 2 days left to order your custom printed 2012 T-shirt!! I’ll be placing the order on Monday, and once I do, size and color selection will be drastically reduced. There will be no more Juniors or kids shirts available, and the only colors left will be black, brown, and forest (this year’s most popular colors.) Order today!!


We’re three weeks out, and only at about half capacity for one theater. I’m considering setting a date (probably 7-10 days out) and just saying that if we haven’t sold out the first theater by then, I’ll just save us some food and beverage liability and cancel the second. And then we’d have limited capacity, definitely sell out, and not have room for some folks who want to go. 🙁

Don’t make me do it!!! Please buy your tickets as soon as you can! Or at least let me know if you can’t buy them yet but you’re planning on coming.

And a great big thanks to everyone who’s already ordered stuff. Pre-sales are how we cover costs and order the wonderful swag for the raffles.

Anybody else getting excited? 😀

A note on T-shirts


I can occasionally be a right doofus.

When I first put the t-shirts up for pre-sale, I used the 2012 global logo for the mock up images, like so:

In actuality however, the t-shirt art does NOT have that black background, and a more accurate mockup would be like this:

In retrospect I ended up removing some colors from the available t-shirt selection (oranges, golds, etc.) because the design just disappeared into the background. Fortunately, the colors that were eliminated had not yet been ordered by anyone.

If you’ve already ordered your t-shirt, and would like to change your mind in light of shenAnniegans, just send me an email at, and I’ll be happy to switch your color or issue a refund.

Sorry about that folks.


*Note: The design in the second mock up looks a little blurry not because of the colors involved, but because the file is really big and I had to shrink it really small. 😉

Important CSTS Information


Hello Browncoats!

As we draw closer to this year’s Can’t Stop the Serenity event, we’re working hard to make it our best experience yet!

First off, I’d like to remind everyone that tickets, t-shirts, and patches are already on sale, and can be pre-ordered here.

Time is running out to order your custom printed CSTS 2012 t-shirt!! I’ll be placing the order with our t-shirt supplier on September 10th to allow for plenty of shipping/printing time. We currently have a wide selection of sizes and colors available, but once blank shirts are ordered selection will be drastically reduced, and shirts will be sold on a first come/first served basis. Don’t miss your chance to get a truly shiny CSTS memento! Tickets and remaining t-shirt inventory will be available for pre-order until Friday, September 28th.

There’s a lot of information in the remainder of this update, please read through to the end. There may be a quiz.

After six great years at area Studio Movie Grill locations, we’re moving to the beautiful Bedford Movie Tavern for our 2012 event. This new location offers a more equitable distance from all points of the metroplex, as well as increased flexibility in scheduling and capacity.

Things are gonna be a little different though….

The biggest change will be in the theaters themselves. Because yes, that’s theaters – plural.

Our CSTS North Texas event has grown so much over the last few years that we’re in danger of outgrowing the largest capacity dinner theaters in the area. Movie Tavern’s largest single theater won’t accommodate the number of people who came to last year’s event, so they’ve graciously allowed us the opportunity to expand our operation into two side by side theaters, at no extra cost. This allows us to add another 150 available seats to the event, virtually eliminating worries about selling out, and ensuring that any Browncoat who wants to come has a place at the table.

How it will work:

  • We’ll have two theaters right next door to each other, with raffle and auction items displayed on tables in the hallway between. Each theater will have its own host, and both will follow the same schedule of events.
  • Guests will be divided evenly between theaters. I’d strongly recommend waiting until your party is complete before finding your spot, or informing late comers as to which theater you’re in. Movie Tavern will make every effort to see that parties are able to sit together. If you’ll have a particularly large party, contact me directly and I’ll reserve seats for you.
  • Movie Tavern has a lovely lounge and patio area where we can all mingle together.
  • Both theaters will run each contest event. This means more participation and more prizes!
  • Raffles and auctions will run simultaneously in both theaters, and we’ve worked out a way for everyone in both theaters to bid on the same live auction items. Raffle items will be available to all attendees, and winners will be called out in both theaters.
  • There may be some bumps along the way, but we’re doing everything we can to streamline communications between theaters and make sure everyone is included in every activity.

And now, the bad news. Following the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, movie theaters across the country are re-examining their security measures. During a long talk with our coordinator, it came out that Movie Tavern is uncomfortable with people attending the event in costume – particularly costumes featuring any kind of mask, long coat, militaristic/tactical attire, or prop weaponry. Out of respect for the victims, and the sensitivities of our fellow theater patrons, we’ve been asked not to hold our traditional costume contest at the main event this year. I would respectfully ask that guests not come in costume, and understand that costumed attendees may be denied entrance by Movie Tavern staff. I know this is a blow to some of you, and I’m truly sorry. It really is beyond my control, and I don’t think it’s just the Movie Tavern – I think it’s just too soon. 🙁

But don’t despair! We’ve just scheduled a date for our 2012 Can’t Stop the Music showcase at The Grotto in Fort Worth. The owner is an avid Browncoat, and says that we’re more than welcome to hold a costume contest at his bar. We’ll also be holding a very special screening at this event that should be tons of fun! More on that in a separate post, this one’s already too long.

General (and probably unnecessary) notes:

  • Guests are welcome to mingle in the lounge and patio, but please keep traffic between theaters and congregating in the hallway to a minimum. As unbelievable as it may seem, there will be other folks there seeing non-Space/Western cult classic movies. 😉 There are also fire codes, and waitstaff will be trying to keep food and beverage orders straight. Let’s make it as easy on them as possible.
  • We’ve always had a food/beverage sales minimum that we have to cover, and it’s never been a problem. This arrangement comes with no extra theater rental costs, but we do have an increased sales minimum. I’d encourage you to eat well, enjoy a beverage or two, and show your waitstaff your appreciation (I’ve been informed in the past that theater waitstaff love our events and vie for the chance to work them :)) And, most importantly, tell/bring everyone you know! Increased capacity means more potential for fun, more opportunities to meet other Browncoats, and more funds raised for the fight against evil.
  • While the Bedford Movie Tavern is a wonderful new venue, there’s a lot of construction around it at the moment. Traffic shouldn’t be too bad on a Sunday morning, but it would be wise to allow a little extra time just in case.
  • Doors open at noon, the show starts at 1:00PM. There’s seating to arrange and a lot of stuff to see before we get started so get there early if possible!

And one more time, this year’s event details:

Sunday, September 30th
Bedford Movie Tavern
2404 Airport Freeway
Bedford, TX 76022
Construction Traffic Directions

See you all there!!