CSTS is Almost Here! (Part II: CSTM Details!)

Can’t Stop the Music:

We have a final, and really exciting lineup for this year’s Can’t Stop the Music Showcase! We have some returning alumni, and three brand new (to us) bands coming together for a show unlike any we’ve ever had. We’ll be starting with the first two seasons of The Guild around 4:30, followed by an encore screening of Dr. Horrible at 7:00. At 8:00, we once again have the amazing Velvet Kittens Burlesque of Le Cabaret Burlesque, followed by live music all night long!

Can’t Stop the Music will be Sunday, August 18th at
The Grotto (map)
517 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107
$5 cover at the door, all proceeds go to Equality Now


4:30  The Guild
7:00  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
8:00  The Velvet Kittens
9:30  The Matthew Show
10:30  Solo Sol
11:30  Siberian Traps
12:30  Fou

The Velvet Kittens: This incredible ensemble cast features classically trained and professional dancers, singers, actors and comedians in a full-length variety show influenced by the genres of vaudeville, cabaret, burlesque, and theatrical musicals. The Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque’s Variety Shows take you on a comical-dancical-musical journey that’s unlike anything else in Dallas-Fort Worth!  Fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a hysterical, titillating, & wild ride! These ladies are avid supporters of Equality Now, and this will be their fifth year in a row to perform for the benefit. We’re extremely grateful for their unswerving enthusiasm and support!

The Matthew Show: Born and raised in rural Texas, Matthew’s musical career spans nearly two decades, roving from Texas to New York City and back again. Matthew has released three solo albums to wide critical acclaim, and his songs have been featured on the PBS series Roadtrip Nation, and on NPR’s All Songs Considered. Matthew is another avid Browncoat and proud supporter of Equality Now; this year marks his third Can’t Stop the Music performance. Matthew has also graciously agreed to lead us in our record breaking Hero of Canton Sing-Along attempt, because he’s just that awesome!

Solo Sol: “Dreamy vocals, swirling guitar and a fusion of haunting and hopeful lyrics create the atmospheric sound of Solo Sol. Labeling the music with a specific genre makes for a fun challenge but if you’re up for it, you can imagine a house party with a 60’s psychedelic pop vibe and guests like Mazzy Star, Mojave 3, Yo La Tengo, Belle & Sebastian, and Cowboy Junkies creating the feel and tone one band member calls ‘space folk.'”
In 2011, Sarah contacted me in response to a call for musicians for the CSTM show. We’ve been trying ever since, but due to scheduling conflicts and life events, this is the first time Solo Sol has been able to play for us –  we’re thrilled beyond words to finally have them!

Siberian Traps: “An Ennio Morricone soundtrack played by R.E.M., produced by Neil Young, in praise of the universe: a whole new genre I’d call Spirit Rock. It is music both spirited and of the spirit. You stomp your feet and you hum along; but if your self-same soul isn’t swinging along, too, then you’re not paying close enough attention. (Mr. Reeves is capable of crafting lyrics that mean something the first time, something else the tenth time, and something entirely new the ten thousandth.) This is sincere music, removed of any scene, brave enough to say what it means in a culture that’s afraid to mean anything.” – Wade Lipham

Fou: ‘”Don’t You Know?’ hearkens back to the mood-heavy alt-rock of the ’90s, reminding heavily of Spiritualized’s drone-friendly and reverb-heavy vein of spaced-out rock. Fou are more subdued and not as intricately involved, but their knack for ethereal dream-pop hooks puts them in a similarly atmospheric realm. The shrill guitar tone during the main bridge is haunting and chilling, and certainly the most idiosyncratic element of the song. Fou always sound cerebral and organized, with melancholy being expressed beautifully over shimmering melodies. I’m very impressed by both ‘Don’t You Know?’ and ‘Colour Me In’. Fou’s eventual full-length should be a treat.” – Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

A huge thanks to all of our wonderful performers!!

CSTS is Almost Here! (Part I)

Can’t Stop the Serenity:

Just a quick reminder that CSTS will be here before we know it! Ticket sales have picked up quite a bit, but we still need about 50 more people if we’re going to break that sing-along record, so bring all your friends! We have our rent covered, but pre-sales (and donations!) are still important so that we can have plenty of cool swag for raffles and prizes; we urge those who haven’t yet to order as soon as possible! Tickets will remain on sale through the website until Friday, August 9th, and will be available at the door the day of the event.

Our T-shirt pre-order deadline is coming up fast! Orders placed before Midnight, this Sunday (July 28th) are guaranteed to be filled. However, shirt sales are still down from past years, and there will likely be very few (if any) extra shirts ordered for the event. Don’t miss your chance at a 2013 t-shirt, order now! We do understand that pay schedule is a factor for many people, so if anyone wants a shirt but is unable to order by the deadline, just let me know what you’d like at bandobuggered@gmail.com, and I’ll take your word as a Browncoat that you’ll pay at pick-up.

Once more, this year’s screening event will be
Sunday, August 11th
Lakewood Theater (map)
1825 Abrams Parkway
Dallas, TX 75214
Doors open at noon

This year’s North Texas Can’t Stop the Serenity events are lovingly dedicated to the memory of Alanna Gallagher, one of our crew. Rest in peace little Albatross; may we all find serenity in your wake.

Alanna at archery class


Can’t Stop the Serenity is just four weeks away!

Hello fellow Browncoats!

This year’s event is shaping up to be a uniquely fun experience. Our beautiful new venue offers the most relaxed environment we’ve ever had, as well as more flexibility in pacing than any mainstream theater would be able to provide. With this in mind, we’ve designed a show that we hope will fit everyone’s schedule. It’ll be just us in the building for the entire day, and our timeline of events includes a generous break in the middle for lunch.

In years past, we’ve been limited to a set arrival time for everyone, and a single menu from which to order over the course of a long day. We’ve also always had a food and beverage sales minimum we’ve been contracted to meet, with any unmet minimum coming directly out of the charity proceeds. This year we’ll be able to admit guests as they arrive – meaning if you really only want to see Serenity, you may choose to arrive in the middle of the day and we’ll have someone on the door.

We also have not just one but several nearby places to grab lunch during the break. The variety of options should fit any budget, and those wanting to do take out or packed lunches are welcome to bring food into the theater. Although we’ve had to raise the ticket prices a bit to cover the increased rent, we hope that this arrangement will result in savings for those who’d rather not pay $10 for a burger, as well as limiting the overall cost of the event by eliminating the food and beverage minimums. The Lakewood will also have popcorn and nachos available for munchies, and two bars serving beverages. They’ve been incredibly generous to us, giving us an incredible discount on rent for the charity, and we want them to want us back next year, so we do encourage you to support the theater as much as possible!

Here’s our official schedule for this year’s event:
12:00 Doors open
1:00 Opening remarks/first contest
1:30 Dr. Horrible
2:15 Evil laugh contest

2:30 LUNCH BREAK (see map)

3:45 Costume contest
4:00 Hero of Canton (record breaking attempt!)
4:30 Serenity
6:30 Raffle
7:00 Auctions

All times are subject to a little variation! Once the show starts we’ll just flow with it, but we’ll do our best to start the films on schedule. It might be prudent to be a little early if you don’t want to miss the beginning of the movies.

We do still encourage you to pre-order your tickets and t-shirts if at all possible. While we have no service minimums to meet this year, we do have quite a bit more rent to pay, and we have to make sure we have that before we can buy any cool merchandise for raffle or auction. Pre-sales are increasing as we get closer, but time to order swag over the internet is rapidly running out. And as always, if you have an item for donation, please let us know ahead of time, it helps immensely in deciding how best to use it. The deadline for pre-ordering t-shirts is Sunday July 28th! Due to low sales this year, it’s looking unlikely that we’ll be printing any extra shirts to be sold at the event, so order now and don’t miss out!

CSTS screening event
Sunday, August 11th
Lakewood Theater (map)
1825 Abrams Parkway
Dallas, TX 75214

Music Showcase
Sunday, August 18th
The Grotto (map)
517 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107

No doubt most of you are aware of the murder of six year old Alanna Gallagher earlier this month. What you may not be aware of is that Alanna was one of our own; her family have been among our most loyal CSTS supporters during my tenure as organizer. The Gallaghers are part of our Browncoat family, enduring something that no family should ever have to go through. We extend our deepest condolences to them, and ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this incredibly difficult time.

Thanks for your continued support!
Your CSTS team,

Six weeks away!

The time is almost here! We are hard at work planning and organizing this year’s event and it will be here before any of us know it. We are again having two events this year: the screenings, raffles and auctions will be on Sunday, August 11th, with the Music Showcase the very next weekend on Sunday, August 18th, at The Grotto in Fort Worth. We are still looking for acts to fill out the schedule for the showcase, so if you know anyone you think would be interested in performing please feel free to have them contact us.

CSTS screening event
Sunday, August 11th
Lakewood Theater
1825 Abrams Parkway
Dallas, TX 75214

Music Showcase
Sunday, August 18th
The Grotto
517 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Final screening schedule and showcase lineup TBA shortly!

Remember tickets and t-shirts are already on sale! We depend on pre-sales for things like rent, shirt printing, and raffle items, so please pre-order if you can! Sales thus far have been relatively low this year, so there’s also a good chance shirt selection will be extremely limited on the day of the event. And if you plan on donating something for the auction or raffle, please let us know as soon as possible. Of course we will always accept items on the day of the event, but it helps us with planning if we know what we are going to have beforehand.

We have a tentative schedule set for the event. We are looking at opening the doors of the theater at 12:30, starting Dr. Horrible at 2:15, and Serenity at 6:00. Our new venue offers the most freedom we’ve ever had in planning our activities, and we’re looking at some fun new ideas! One thing we know for certain though: The California Browncoats claim the current world record for the most participants in a Hero of Canton sing-along, with 129 enthusiastic singers. They’ve issued a friendly challenge to any CSTS group to try and break that record. Say it with me now: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

Several times a year, I run into Browncoats who still have never heard of Can’t Stop the Serenity. We encourage you to help those folks out! Tell your friends, tell your comic book stores, your forums, anyone you see in a Firefly t-shirt (that’s usually how this conversation starts.) It gives them information they didn’t know they wanted, gives you a chance to meet a fellow Browncoat, and best of all it helps support Equality Now.

Thank you,
Your CSTS team.

How important to you is a traditional movie theater setting for our CSTS events?

Would you be interested in a different type of venue that might afford more opportunity for contests, games, and general freedom of movement? We would still screen Serenity of course, but in a different kind of venue we’d most likely have to show it on a much smaller screen than those afforded by a movie theater.

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Can’t Stop the Music is tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow evening for our 5th annual Can’t Stop the Music event, featuring an encore “Special Hell” screening of Serenity!

Sunday, October 21st
The Grotto
517 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107


Serenity starts at 5:00, followed by
The Velvet Kittens Burlesque
Stefan Prigmore
Matthew Broyles
and more!

Benefitting Equality Now
and the Kevin Pratt-King Memorial Fund



Almost There…

All tickets and merchandise are now offline, but the event is NOT sold out! Tickets will be available at the door on Sunday, and merchandise will be available inside.

A few last reminders before the shindig:

  • Costumes are NOT allowed this year due to the recent shootings in Colorado.
  • Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes travel time due to highway construction. It shouldn’t be too bad on a Sunday morning, but you never know…
  • (Apologies for this one, I was unaware of this until a few days ago): We’re being counted as a single large group, so there will be a 20% gratuity added to each dining check.
  • We will be able to process PayPal/credit card payments on site for larger amounts, but you’ll want to bring cash for raffle tickets and other small items.
  • There are no printed tickets, and you don’t need a receipt to check in. All pre-sales are on our list, and all you need to claim them is your name.

See you all tomorrow!

One More Week!


Our CSTS extravaganza is just a week away! We’ve already sold out the first theater, and it’s looking like this event is going to be spectacular. A few quick notes before we see each other next weekend:

  • Tickets and merchandise will be available online until 12:00 midnight next Friday, September 28th. After that, they’ll be available first come/first served at the door.
  • If you have a large group, and would like to have seats reserved for you, please email Annie at bandobuggered@gmail.com
  • If you’re planning to bring items for donation on the day of the event, please arrive as early as possible so that we can catalogue them and decide where to put them.
  • Remember: There will be no costume contest this year due to the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. Theater staff have asked that we refrain from costumes of any kind, at least for this year.


Announcing: Can’t Stop the Music 2012

And now, we’re happy to inform you of our 5th annual Can’t Stop the Music showcase! Performer lineup is still in negotiation, but we’re thrilled to be able to announce a “Special Hell” encore presentation of Serenity at this event. Since it falls too far outside the official Can’t Stop the Serenity seasonal window, this will NOT be an official CSTS event, and funds raised from it will not appear in the official CSTS global tally. We have however secured the licensing to screen Serenity on our own, and Global is aware of and supports the event. Not being an official CSTS event also gives us license to donate a higher percentage of funds to a charity of our choice. For this special event, we’ve elected to donate 50% of funds raised to Equality Now, and 50% to the memorial fund of the recently passed Kevin Pratt, a dedicated Browncoat and Whovian whose young widow will be struggling with medical bills for years to come.

Kevin “Wash” Pratt was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer at 25 years old, just months after wedding his (then) 23 year old wife, Tashi. He fought bravely for almost three years against a form of cancer that usually kills in half that time, at best. He passed away just before midnight on September 11th, leaving his beloved Tashi bereft, with a broken foot, and buried under a mountain of bills. Read their story here.

Can’t Stop the Music benefit showcase
Sunday October 21st
The Grotto
517 University Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Lineup and movie screening time TBA.

See you all next week!


My apologies everyone!! I added a sponsor page to the website last night, and somehow that killed the store earlier than promised. NO IDEA… 😕

Anyway, it’s fixed now and I’m still working on the shirt order – you have another hour or so for custom shirts!! Run!! 😉

Time is running out!!


Only 2 days left to order your custom printed 2012 T-shirt!! I’ll be placing the order on Monday, and once I do, size and color selection will be drastically reduced. There will be no more Juniors or kids shirts available, and the only colors left will be black, brown, and forest (this year’s most popular colors.) Order today!!


We’re three weeks out, and only at about half capacity for one theater. I’m considering setting a date (probably 7-10 days out) and just saying that if we haven’t sold out the first theater by then, I’ll just save us some food and beverage liability and cancel the second. And then we’d have limited capacity, definitely sell out, and not have room for some folks who want to go. 🙁

Don’t make me do it!!! Please buy your tickets as soon as you can! Or at least let me know if you can’t buy them yet but you’re planning on coming.

And a great big thanks to everyone who’s already ordered stuff. Pre-sales are how we cover costs and order the wonderful swag for the raffles.

Anybody else getting excited? 😀