CSTS is Almost Here! (Part II: CSTM Details!)

Can’t Stop the Music:

We have a final, and really exciting lineup for this year’s Can’t Stop the Music Showcase! We have some returning alumni, and three brand new (to us) bands coming together for a show unlike any we’ve ever had. We’ll be starting with the first two seasons of The Guild around 4:30, followed by an encore screening of Dr. Horrible at 7:00. At 8:00, we once again have the amazing Velvet Kittens Burlesque of Le Cabaret Burlesque, followed by live music all night long!

Can’t Stop the Music will be Sunday, August 18th at
The Grotto (map)
517 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107
$5 cover at the door, all proceeds go to Equality Now


4:30  The Guild
7:00  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
8:00  The Velvet Kittens
9:30  The Matthew Show
10:30  Solo Sol
11:30  Siberian Traps
12:30  Fou

The Velvet Kittens: This incredible ensemble cast features classically trained and professional dancers, singers, actors and comedians in a full-length variety show influenced by the genres of vaudeville, cabaret, burlesque, and theatrical musicals. The Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque’s Variety Shows take you on a comical-dancical-musical journey that’s unlike anything else in Dallas-Fort Worth!  Fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a hysterical, titillating, & wild ride! These ladies are avid supporters of Equality Now, and this will be their fifth year in a row to perform for the benefit. We’re extremely grateful for their unswerving enthusiasm and support!

The Matthew Show: Born and raised in rural Texas, Matthew’s musical career spans nearly two decades, roving from Texas to New York City and back again. Matthew has released three solo albums to wide critical acclaim, and his songs have been featured on the PBS series Roadtrip Nation, and on NPR’s All Songs Considered. Matthew is another avid Browncoat and proud supporter of Equality Now; this year marks his third Can’t Stop the Music performance. Matthew has also graciously agreed to lead us in our record breaking Hero of Canton Sing-Along attempt, because he’s just that awesome!

Solo Sol: “Dreamy vocals, swirling guitar and a fusion of haunting and hopeful lyrics create the atmospheric sound of Solo Sol. Labeling the music with a specific genre makes for a fun challenge but if you’re up for it, you can imagine a house party with a 60’s psychedelic pop vibe and guests like Mazzy Star, Mojave 3, Yo La Tengo, Belle & Sebastian, and Cowboy Junkies creating the feel and tone one band member calls ‘space folk.'”
In 2011, Sarah contacted me in response to a call for musicians for the CSTM show. We’ve been trying ever since, but due to scheduling conflicts and life events, this is the first time Solo Sol has been able to play for us –  we’re thrilled beyond words to finally have them!

Siberian Traps: “An Ennio Morricone soundtrack played by R.E.M., produced by Neil Young, in praise of the universe: a whole new genre I’d call Spirit Rock. It is music both spirited and of the spirit. You stomp your feet and you hum along; but if your self-same soul isn’t swinging along, too, then you’re not paying close enough attention. (Mr. Reeves is capable of crafting lyrics that mean something the first time, something else the tenth time, and something entirely new the ten thousandth.) This is sincere music, removed of any scene, brave enough to say what it means in a culture that’s afraid to mean anything.” – Wade Lipham

Fou: ‘”Don’t You Know?’ hearkens back to the mood-heavy alt-rock of the ’90s, reminding heavily of Spiritualized’s drone-friendly and reverb-heavy vein of spaced-out rock. Fou are more subdued and not as intricately involved, but their knack for ethereal dream-pop hooks puts them in a similarly atmospheric realm. The shrill guitar tone during the main bridge is haunting and chilling, and certainly the most idiosyncratic element of the song. Fou always sound cerebral and organized, with melancholy being expressed beautifully over shimmering melodies. I’m very impressed by both ‘Don’t You Know?’ and ‘Colour Me In’. Fou’s eventual full-length should be a treat.” – Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

A huge thanks to all of our wonderful performers!!

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