Time is running out!!


Only 2 days left to order your custom printed 2012 T-shirt!! I’ll be placing the order on Monday, and once I do, size and color selection will be drastically reduced. There will be no more Juniors or kids shirts available, and the only colors left will be black, brown, and forest (this year’s most popular colors.) Order today!!


We’re three weeks out, and only at about half capacity for one theater. I’m considering setting a date (probably 7-10 days out) and just saying that if we haven’t sold out the first theater by then, I’ll just save us some food and beverage liability and cancel the second. And then we’d have limited capacity, definitely sell out, and not have room for some folks who want to go. 🙁

Don’t make me do it!!! Please buy your tickets as soon as you can! Or at least let me know if you can’t buy them yet but you’re planning on coming.

And a great big thanks to everyone who’s already ordered stuff. Pre-sales are how we cover costs and order the wonderful swag for the raffles.

Anybody else getting excited? 😀


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