How important to you is a traditional movie theater setting for our CSTS events?

Would you be interested in a different type of venue that might afford more opportunity for contests, games, and general freedom of movement? We would still screen Serenity of course, but in a different kind of venue we’d most likely have to show it on a much smaller screen than those afforded by a movie theater.


How important to you is a traditional movie theater setting for our CSTS events? — 6 Comments

  1. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a different venue that would allow us to talk among ourselves more? Just my $.02. Does anybody know about the fan produced movie? Brown coats RULE!

  2. Keep it at Studio Movie Grill. Movie Tavern sucked. I’m glad none of the cast from the movie actually came after you invited them at the Sci Fi Expo because this event was G-H-E-T-T-O. I was embarrassed for you all. I had to apologize to my friend who I invited because of how bad the event was. Do us all a favor and cancel this year’s event if you can’t devote the time to do it. And try to make it close to or on Whedon’s bday (6/23) like it’s suppose to be. And make the raffles go faster. Instead of announcing the numbers, why not just have the people put their name or email or cell number on the ticket so you can text or email them or call them out faster? That would cut down on wasting everyone’s time. IF I DIDN’T KNOW ANYBETTER, THESE EVENTS ARE REALLY BEING HOSTED BY ALLIANCE TO UNDERMINE BROWNCOATS.

    • oh … and please have better communication w/ people who buy tickets or shirts. Every year I have to read about people asking when they will get their ticket or merch whatever. Be an event planner and not an event killer.

  3. Are you referring to Browncoats Redemption? I personally didn’t care for it. It had a couple of funny spots here and there, but overall it struggled a LOT IMO.

  4. Wow – that’s all a bit harsh. I’m all for having an opinion, but let’s remember that this IS volunteer ran, and not all have a lot of experience in such realms. Probably more helpful to go with construction critiscm than flat-out rudeness.

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