A note on T-shirts


I can occasionally be a right doofus.

When I first put the t-shirts up for pre-sale, I used the 2012 global logo for the mock up images, like so:

In actuality however, the t-shirt art does NOT have that black background, and a more accurate mockup would be like this:

In retrospect I ended up removing some colors from the available t-shirt selection (oranges, golds, etc.) because the design just disappeared into the background. Fortunately, the colors that were eliminated had not yet been ordered by anyone.

If you’ve already ordered your t-shirt, and would like to change your mind in light of shenAnniegans, just send me an email at bandobuggered@gmail.com, and I’ll be happy to switch your color or issue a refund.

Sorry about that folks.


*Note: The design in the second mock up looks a little blurry not because of the colors involved, but because the file is really big and I had to shrink it really small. 😉

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